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One of my latest inspirations, Claire Wendling. Love the poses and how some of her lines are so Schiele-esque! Very beautiful.

Keloid, 2013.

Impressive work by VFX company Big Lazy Robot. Entirely made up of CG sequences.

Re-studying paintings from Rick Berry after a discussion about graphic novel styles with a friend. 

Been looking at children’s book (-ish) illustrations for my own personal project. Very inspired by Dice Tsutsumi's style and characters!

Loving these works by Nicolas Nemiri - French comic artist and illustrator.

In love with these beautiful illustrations from visual development artist, Robert Kondo. The above works include some of his concept for the Pixar short, La Luna and Toy Story 3. 

One of the first female illustrators for The New Yorker, Barbara Shermund.

Paintings of Pepper and samurais by Artgerm (Stanley Lau). 

Aurelien Predal's visual development and colour keys for A Monster in Paris. What a feast for the eyes! I am beyond amazed. The colours, brushstrokes, style… everything is insanely perfect.